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I believe that every child, down to the youngest player from the smallest town, deserves to have Team & Individual photos they are proud of and want to show off! That is why I offer a different type of team photo compared to many in the area, all at no cost to the teams and at a great price for the parents.

I call it Extreme Teams.

All photos are taken in front of a green screen. Unlike most area Photo Days, there is no traditional “team photo” where we set the entire team up together. Instead, the team photo will be created using the individual photos of each player and coach. By creating the team photo this way, it ensures each athlete looks his or her best for the team photo. No blinking eyes or crazy, out of place hand-gestures here! By the time the final product is completed, most people would never know we didn’t take a team photo.

With 2 years of experience, our team is well prepared to keep everything running smoothly without you worrying about a thing. The last thing you need on your plate is to worry about team photos. We take care of just about everything.

I currently offer $1 back to the teams/associations for each photo button purchased. This is a nice, mini fundraiser to help towards a purchase of uniforms, equipment, or a team-building fun night.

Why try to do it yourself and become stressed, when you could hire professionals to make your team look awesome at no cost to the teams and no obligation to the parents to order? It’s a no-brainer.

Give me a call today to begin your Extreme Teams journey with Taylor Anderson Designs.
Taylor Anderson-Owner